Change over time 2016

I continued with my interest in erosion and the idea of time related processes. I started to focus on the dynamics of the sea and its erosion on surfaces and sub surfaces; the power and force of the tide on coastal erosion, movement and displacement, the shifting sands and a sense of place.

Through my research and practice I  started to gain an understanding of the sea, its movements and currents within the ebb and flow of the tide. Early on in my research I harvested a large supply of kelp from the sea to explore its’ potential as an organic, biodegradable fabric.

It was my aim to communicate through my work the notion of change over time. I was particularly drawn to how the coastal landscape is ever-changing and temporary in a way that can sometimes be difficult to predict. It has the power to make and remake the landscape.

It was whilst working with kelp my research led me to discover Kombucha fabric, which looked similar. I was particularly drawn to how it transformed and changed over time, the very idea I wanted to translate through my work.