Digital Futures 2015

Simplex : Exploring the simple and complex

This work was part of a group  exhibition, looking at Digital Futures: a platform for exploring and experimenting the interplay between digital and physicality. The aim of the exhibition was to consider how digital approaches and techniques can be introduced, enhanced and embedded into our practice.

For me it was about journeys – spoken journeys (in different languages) and mapping journeys of the group. The designs were digitally embroidered onto water-soluble fabric so that when the fabric was dissolved it would suggest the idea of journeys disappearing leaving only a trace.The map itself has over 110,000 stitches in it and the text piece over 600,000 stitches!

The semi-legibility of the text journey is intentional as often our journeys are unclear, complex and fragmented. We don’t always know where we’re going or where the journey is leading and can have distorted memories of where we’ve been.