Growing ‘Fabric of the Future’

If you recall I was invited by Textile Fibre Forum magazine to write an article about my research work with Kombucha. The article was to start off a whole series on cutting edge textiles, showcasing innovative practice and related research work.

Well, here it is. March 2017 issue 125. I was so excited to receive the magazine through the post and overly delighted to see my article stretch over 5 pages.

Lately I’ve been working on my website which is far from complete as it’s an ongoing process but it has become one of my post MA ‘challenges’. My blog is now part of this website. Please take a look here






I recently visited the Jerwood Drawing Prize  exhibition at the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh. It was a diverse collection of inspirational contemporary drawings that challenge the whole perception of what drawing is and can be. Paul Hobson, one of the judges made the comment that there were many works which position drawing as a durational performance: obsessive mark making, as well as conceptual works that aim to push the idea of drawing to its limits.

I like the description durational performance and the very idea of making time visible.

Helen Thomas ‘Eight Day Draw No.1’ 2016
Malgorzata Dawidek ‘Doubts’ 2015
Solveig Settemsdal ‘Singularity’ 2016

Settemsdal’s Singularity piece explores a temporal and sculptural process of drawing in a fluid three-dimensional space through the suspension of ink in gelatine. I was captivated by the constant change and transformation taking place as this resonates with my own practice.

One of the artists in the exhibition described drawing as ‘marks left behind after the engagement of mind, eye and hand. The evidence of a search’  (S. McGovern 2016). My own drawing is frequently a ‘search’, occasionally secure and purposeful but more often uncertain in what I’m searching for. It is an exploration and evidence of my thinking and I recognise that my drawing is a living process which is constantly evolving and developing. Whilst visiting the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester recently, I was drawn to the work of Idris Khan, his layering and manipulating of images and text in a conversation around memory and experience. The blurred boundaries between drawing and writing intrigues me. There is much food for thought here.

Idris Khan ‘Eternal Movement’ 2012
Idris Khan ‘True belief belongs to the realm of real knowledge’ 2016

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